Stefi Cohen on Brains, Brawn and Bodies on Instagram

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Dr. Stefi Cohen is a world-record holding powerlifter, professional boxer, a doctor of physical therapy, an exercise physiologist and the co-owner of Hybrid Performance Method. In this episode, we talk about the driving force that makes her embrace challenges, the key to her success as an entrepreneur, and how her view has shifted when it comes to representing her own femininity and sexuality in social media.


2:15 – Prioritization and focus

4:23 – Learning curve of becoming an entrepreneur

7:26 – Hybrid Performance’s key to success

10:21 – Stefi’s brand and impact

11:44 – Building an Instagram platform

14:30 – Risque shots and showing skin

18:38 – Dealing with haters, sexism

23:00 – Objectification and second thoughts

26:36 – Muscle stigma and media representation

29:37 – On choosing ‘hard’