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Brianna Battles

Brianna Battles: Training During and After Pregnancy

In this episode, Brianna talks about the identity shift and physiological changes of motherhood and pregnancy, the stigma and preconceived beliefs about coaching or training pregnant/postpartum athletes, and what drew her to change these beliefs.

Elspeth Storrar on Bike

Girl Powered: Online Cycling Coaching with Elspeth Storrar

When her gym was shut down by government pandemic restrictions, Elspeth Storrar pivoted. She’s now the CEO of Girls Get Strong Cycling, delivering online cycle coaching to women across the globe. She also runs women-only cycling camps in Mallorca, Spain.  We talk about her shift from gym ownership to online coaching,

Stacy Kim

Less Shame, More Gain: Redefining Fitness for Women With Stacy Kim

In this episode we talk about shame – and the role it has traditionally played as a motivating tool for women in fitness. We talk about what’s keeping women out of the gym in a post-covid era. We also get into how shifting the conversation away from weight-loss and toward feeling better can be a positive force in your coaching practice.