From Unhappy Housewife to Fitness Entrepreneur: Kirstin Smith Rewrites Her Story

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In today’s episode, I chat with Kirstin Smith. Kirstin is a fitness entrepreneur and coach, gym owner, realtor, wife, and mom to four young kids. She has a new book out called Confessions of an Unhappy Housewife, How I changed my bullshit stories and created a life I love. Today we get into the sense of identity loss that often accompanies becoming a mom, the myth of ‘I dont have enough time’ and how a painful transformation has led her to help others. 



Book: Confessions of an Unhappy Housewife: How I Changed My Bullsh*t Stories to Create a Life I Love

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1:15: Ideals vs. reality

2:20: Losing my identity 

7:09: Depending on your spouse to fulfill all your needs

10:36: The downward spiral

15:30: The tipping point

22:42: Mindset shift

24:47: The Coaching Pyramid

28:40: Shifting off autopilot

35:30 Teaching other women to write their own story