The Business Dance: Flik And Victoria of Sleek Ballet Fitness

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Today I’m talking to Flik Swan and Victoria Marr. They are classically-trained ballerinas, professional dancers and the co-founders of Sleek Ballet Fitness, which combines fitness training with the steely strength of classical ballet technique. We talk about what its like starting a business with your best friend, taking risks, the identity crisis that can often come with career shift, motherhood and more. 

If you are curious to try out Sleek Technique for yourself (I’m a big fan), head to where you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial. 


1:02: Starting a biz with your best friend

3:10: Balance and compromise

4:52: Dividing business and personal time

6:53: Coping with a career shift

8:05: Redefining yourself

11:11: Taking risks and starting a new business

16:03: Developing an authentic ballet fitness technique

20:07: Getting product to market

22:54: Getting comfortable in front of a camera

23:50: Becoming moms together

26:13: Deepening knowlege of where clients are at

27:57: Coping with Lockdowns

31:15: Vision for the future