Brianna Battles: Training During and After Pregnancy

Brianna Battles

In this episode, Brianna talks about the identity shift and physiological changes of motherhood and pregnancy, the stigma and preconceived beliefs about coaching or training pregnant/postpartum athletes, and what drew her to change these beliefs.

Girl Powered: Online Cycling Coaching with Elspeth Storrar

Elspeth Storrar on Bike

When her gym was shut down by government pandemic restrictions, Elspeth Storrar pivoted. She’s now the CEO of Girls Get Strong Cycling, delivering online cycle coaching to women across the globe. She also runs women-only cycling camps in Mallorca, Spain.  We talk about her shift from gym ownership to online coaching, the myriad benefits of cycling […]

Less Shame, More Gain: Redefining Fitness for Women With Stacy Kim

Stacy Kim

In this episode we talk about shame – and the role it has traditionally played as a motivating tool for women in fitness. We talk about what’s keeping women out of the gym in a post-covid era. We also get into how shifting the conversation away from weight-loss and toward feeling better can be a positive force in your coaching practice.

Building the Strongest Women on Earth: Laura Phelps-Stackhouse

Today I chat with Laura Phelps Stackhouse. Laura is the strongest female powerlifter in history, currently holding 8 All-Time World Records. She is a personal trainer and the founder of Queen Bee Power, which is aimed at training others in the Conjugate Method she learned from Louis Simmons.

We chat about the pressures surrounding being the strongest woman in the world, harnessing nerves, dealing with haters and carving a legacy for women in the strength arena.

The Business Dance: Flik And Victoria of Sleek Ballet Fitness

Today I’m talking to Flik Swan and Victoria Marr. They are classically-trained ballerinas, professional dancers and the co-founders of Sleek Ballet Fitness, which combines fitness training with the steely strength of classical ballet technique. We talk about what its like starting a business with your best friend, taking risks, the identity crisis that can often come […]

From Unhappy Housewife to Fitness Entrepreneur: Kirstin Smith Rewrites Her Story

In today’s episode, I chat with Kirstin Smith. Kirstin is a fitness entrepreneur and coach, gym owner, realtor, wife, and mom to four young kids. She has a new book out called Confessions of an Unhappy Housewife, How I changed my bullshit stories and created a life I love. Today we get into the sense of identity […]

Stefi Cohen on Brains, Brawn and Bodies on Instagram

Dr. Stefi Cohen is a world-record holding powerlifter, professional boxer, a doctor of physical therapy, an exercise physiologist and the co-owner of Hybrid Performance Method. In this episode, we talk about the driving force that makes her embrace challenges, the key to her success as an entrepreneur, and how her view has shifted when it comes to […]